Advisory Committees

A History of the Advisory Committees to the New YorkState Catholic Conference Public Policy Committees 1968-2004


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By the early 1970’s, the state Bishops had created an organizational structure responsive to the enhanced role of government and the need for specialized expertise.  The major vehicle established by the Bishops to oversee public policy advocacy, known previously as the Catholic Welfare Committee or Catholic Committee, became the New York State Catholic Conference Public Policy Committee.


By this time, there had been created for major consistent subgroups:


  • Council of CatholicSchool Superintendents
  • Council of Catholic Charities Directors
  • Catholic Healthcare Council
  • Diocesan Human Life Coordinators


Beginning in 1973, however, it had become clear that there were public policy issues important to the church and its constituents that either were not being addressed by any of the four major groups or were cross-cutting in nature among the groups.


Hence, over the next thirty plus years, there were established a number of “Advisory Committees” to address these issues.


They were:


  • Criminal Justice Advisory Committee 1975-2004
  • Advisory Committee on Persons with Disabilities 1980-2004
  • Advisory Committee on Government Fiscal Affairs 1983-2004
  • Advisory Committee on Women’s Issues 1987-1994
  • Advisory Committee on African-American and Hispanic Ministry 1992-2004


This volume describes the work of these five Advisory Committees.

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